With over ten years experience in the web design, mobile web design and online marketing (including SEO, SEM and PPC) industry, I can offer the full package for any local business looking to improve and enhance their web presence and branding.

All my web design and development work is produced in CSS, XHTML and PHP. This means that all work appears the same on all computers and in all internet browsers by adhearing to Web Standards and in turn, strict accessibility policies.

Your website can also have a dedicated mobile website allowing full functionality form a variety of devices.

Quite simply, you get professional work at freelance rates.


Google Panda and Penguin.

SEO is all about delivery profitability to clients through increased revenue.

Search Engine Optimisaiton (SEO) is about getting your website high up the listings on search engines naturally and organicly.

SEO structuring your website, and writing its content, to allow search enginges to find and index your data more accurately and effectively.

All SEO work is based around the following key steps:

  • Campaign Planning
    It is vital to understand your strengths, your competitors and your overall business goals. Through a planning session as much of this information as possible will be gathered to create a bespoke strategy to perfectly suit your requirements.
  • Website Review
    The next step is to understand your website. A review of your current website structure and how this impacts its current performance in search engines is produced.
  • Keyword Research
    A profile of the keywords and phrases that engages your customer base is generated allowing your website to be targteted for these search results listings.
  • Content Optimisation
    With this keyword research your website pages are optimised to ensure the most relevant pages of your site rank for a particular keyword or phrase.
  • Link Building
    Having completed the content and structure review of your website, the next step is to initiate a link building campaign. The more websites that link to your website, the more your website is trusted by search engines.
  • Management Reporting
    Reporting and analysis is vital to each campaign to allow you to know who is visitiing your website and where they came from. Google Analytics is typically used to produce monthly reports tailored to your specific needs.

Pay Per Click

Google Panda and Penguin.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way of advertising your services in front of a relevent audience with only the spend you wish to use. With precise reporting, you can see how effective the advertising is by what sales are generated from each user.

Unlike traditional online advertising, you don't pay until someone clicks your adverts and visits your website. So every penny spent increases the visitor numbers to your website.

A report can be published for you to show how your SEO rankings have improved before, during and through continued optimising.


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